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       日期:2023-03-11     作者:小百老师    浏览:1424    
    核心提示:1Introduce your reason for preparingthe postgraduate exam(考研原因)In the past four years, I have learned a lot of profe
    1Introduce your reason for preparingthe postgraduate exam(考研原因)
    In the past four years, I have learned a lot of professional knowledge and practical skills, but gradually, I realize that this is not enough. In my opinion, in order to realize and finally realize my self-worth, I urgently need further study. Life is precious. I must seize the opportunity of self-development, especially in a highly competitive society. Therefore, I prefer to continue my further study. As I said in my self introduction, if possible, I will continue to study for a doctorate.
    2Why do you choose to study in our university?(选择本校的原因)
    I like the atmosphere of the University. It is full of youth and vitality. I am completely attracted by the academic atmosphere. I want to do experiments in the provincial key laboratory. Most importantly, I am honored to like your teaching.
    3What would like to do five years after graduation?(毕业后规划)
    After graduation, I may choose to continue my further study, obtain relevant professional qualification certificates and engage in accounting related work.
    4Could you depict your general plans for the postgraduate study?(研究生计划)
    If I have the honor to study accounting here, I will focus on the study and research in this field. First of all, I will work hard to learn theoretical knowledge and lay a solid foundation for my further work. Second, I want to do some practical work with the help of my tutor and classmates. Through this, I can get something I can't get from the textbook. I believe that after three years of study, my dream of becoming a competent accountant will finally come true.
    5What are your great strengths?(最大的优点)
    I feel that my strongest merit is my ability to stick to things until lget them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when ! finish a work and it turns out just as what l have planned.
    6What are your great weaknesses?(最大的缺点)
    I'm afraid I'm poor at communicating with others, especially strangers. Although I have tried to make some changes on this, lose my courage at the moment of starting a conversation. Maybel am born to be an introvert.
    7How do you feel about your achievement so far?(对已取得的成绩的看法)
    I think I did well in school. In fact, in the four years of study, I won many scholarships, such as the first prize in the Chinese college students' mathematics competition held in Shaanxi Province.
    8Do you think a university education equals a successful future? (你认为大学教育等于成功的未来吗?)
    I don't really think so.Definitely a university education is one of the basic requirements for competing in the job market. Without that,we can't even stand in the waiting line. But we should realize that the knowledge or special technique a university education can furnish us is most likely theoretical. Before we put it into practice, we will never know whether it's going to work or not. Therefore, it 's better to say a university education is a precondition for a successful future.
    9Why do you want to further your study instead of applying for a job?(你为什么不申请工作而想继续深造?)
    There are several reasons for my choice. First of all, I was impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last summer. In my opinion, as one of the most famous universities in China, it provides people with space for further enrichment. Second, I think learning is an urgent need for me to realize my self-worth. Especially in such a competitive world, it is necessary to seize every opportunity for self-development.
    10Could you tell us something about your hometown?(介绍家乡)
    Well, my hometown is Suizhou, a beautiful city between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. Suizhou is recognized as the birthplace of Emperor Yan. He is famous for introducing major agricultural innovations to the ancient Chinese people. Every year, many Chinese from all over the world come to the caves in Suizhou to commemorate their Chinese ancestors. Another famous cultural relic in Suizhou is the chime clock. It is said that as the world's heaviest musical instrument, the sound changing tube can be traced back to the Warring States period and is known as one of the major discoveries in the history of world music. Next time you have a chance to travel there, I'll be a good guide for you.
    11Would like to say something about your university?(介绍母校)
    I studied in Xi'an Polytechnic University,enjoying a long history which can be traced back to 1912 when it was Weaving Division of the Beijing Higher Industrial School. Today it has become a comprehensive university of engineering and science specializing in textile, apparel and art design.Although it is not well know,I still appreciate it, because it offers me a chance to develop my abilities. Looking back on the years ! have spent there, I'm really thankful to her for enriching my knowledge and widening my view.
    12Can you introduce your family to us?(介绍家庭)
    ①In my family, there are five members, my parents,two brothers and me. My father and two brothers are workers, and they are often full occupied,so most of the housework is done by my mother, of course,while l am at home,I would help her. I love them and they love me too. When I make a success, they are more excited than me,and support me to do better. Even though l failed,instead of blaming,they always share sorrow with me, and encourage me not to give up. They give me a lot,so l will do all what i can to repay them.
    ②There are X members in my family, my father, my mother and I .my father isXXX ,and I think he performs pretty well in his career life. My brother is a smart person, he works in the securities company.I feel my family is filled with love and happiness. Because all of us are humorous easy-going and sensitive. In my family ,the demands and interests will be fully respected, so I think my family is quite democratic.All in all, I love my family very much, I hope we can be happy forever.
    13Can you recall one exciting experience you have got at college?(你能回忆起你在大学里的一次激动人心的经历吗?)
    I can say there are many unforgettable experiences. Among them, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our university should be ranked first. She has trained countless talents dedicated to national development. The celebration is actually a gathering of all members from different industries to share joy and happiness.
    14Which of your family members influences you most?(你的哪些家庭成员对你影响最大?)
    I think that should be my mother. When I make a success, she is more excited than me, and support me to do better Even though I failed,instead of blaming, she always share sorrow with me, and encourage me not to give up.
    I won the university scholarship every year in succession.And i also got the title of “merit student” for two years.I have made a lot of efforts for this.Throughout this hard work,I gained knowledge, skills, and rich experience.That hard work is nothing compared to what I have gained. But, to be honest, i thought there were still many things could be better done or got improved.So I will continue to work hard and get better results.
    16What will you do if you failed this time?如果失败了你会怎么做?(考察抗压能力)
    I think success has no rules, but we can learn a lot from the failure.If i failed the retest,I will not immerse myself into the pain of failure, i will reflect on what problems i have and try to find solutions.I think this is the biggest harvest of this experience.All in all, no matter what the result is, i will never give up on the pursuit of my dream.
    17Why did you fail in this course?挂科
    The root of the failure of these courses was that my attitude was not correct,I thought i could pass the exams easily, so i spent all my time on the other subjects.I didn’t expect l would fail in these courses.This experience made me understand that i can’t take it for granted .In the future, i will keep a humble attitude and learn every lesson well.
    18Course load was the heaviest如何应对课业负担
    My heaviest academic burden was when i was in the fourth grade of college, during which time i began to intern, and at the same time.I also decided to prepare for the postgraduate examination during that period.There were so much work but so little time to have a good rest or relax myself.but fortunately, it was during that time i learned to arrange my time more reasonably,to think positively in the face of pressure.and slowly, i mastered a moderate pace of study, internship and life.now all my hard work has paid off, because i can be interviewed by you here.
    What do you think about Shanghai? 你觉得上海怎么样?(同学们自行换成报考院校所在地哦~)
    As far as I am concerned, Shanghai is a modern international city.And there are many famous universities in China, which forms a great scholar atmosphere http://here.In addition, a lot of world-class performances are staged here every day.Furthermore, there are full of challenges. Many people come here for a better chance. Of course, chance favors the prepared mind.All in all, Shanghai is a city of opportunities and challenges.
    I have several hobbies in my spare time.I like reading (什么类型的书)books very much.Let me take the psychological books as an example, It helps me know myself better and have a (拓展了哪方面或哪些方面的知识)